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ONE OK ROCK is one badass Japanese rock band that produce chart topping singles and albums, all of them with the passion and talent conveyed in their songs which are awesome! Whether you are looking for slow paced and passive songs or rocking upbeat songs ONE OK ROCK will have both ends without sounding too plain or taking the wrong way.

Each one of the members provide a role independent play in the band while being in sync with the others so they can express a whole cocktail of awe inspiring, amazing music.

Taka’s outbursts fit perfectly with his powerful yet soft voice tone which usually makes girls go crazy! (watch any live performances in YouTube to see what I mean.) Toru is ladies and gentleman, incredible, cool and quite a talent with the guitar, another reason for girls to love ONE OK ROCK, in addition to be the leader of the band which is sublime and suits him quite well. Ryōta, the bassist of the group is COOL with capital letters because, let’s admit it, not everyone can play the bass with their eyes closed and bang on like he does, so respect to this guy. Tomoya is the jokester of the band and the restless drummer who looks quite amazing and inspiring when sitting there playing the drums while going crazy, because we also need this side to have the ONE OK ROCK that people know.

Even though is a Japanese band Taka makes them look as a western band with his flawless English which mixed with Japanese makes a perfect mix and innovate sound. The fact that OOR make use of English makes them way different from other jap bands as they rise in popularity all around the world. Want some proofs? Allow me to tell you that they just made their first U.S. tour this year, having been in New York and Los Angeles. Besides they toured in London (United Kingdom) and other places in Asia as; Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and of course their hometown, Japan.

Personally my favorite song is “The Beginning”. Breathtaking, remarkable, epic, this song has everything rock can be, and is the most popular song of OOK (ONE OK ROCK for the newbies) among their fans. In the official music video you can just check by yourself what I was talking about in this whole post. Just watch the MV already!

Liked it? Check out for more OOR songs in their official channel and subscribe to be up to date!



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