Top 10 ONE OK ROCK songs|Top Tens

So following the recent review of ONE OK ROCK,  I felt like doing a top ten of the band listing my favorite OOK songs, because if I can do a review why not a Top Ten? So yeah this is my Top Ten ONE OK ROCK songs enjoy! Share your favorite ONE OK ROCK song in the comments too if it’s not here!

1. The Beginning 

Awesome MV and their best song so far! Love it

2. Re:make

A powerful and worth song to have on your phone.

3. Nothing Helps

So cool! And it was featured in one of my favorites games DmC!

4. Clock Strikes

Rocking and touching!!


A song that will pump you up!

6. Wherever you are

A moving song with a fan made MV that fits the song perfectly! 😉

7. Nobody’s Home

Slow paced yet stirring!

8. Keep It Real

Quite an old one but I love it! OOK had talent since the very beginning. Wishing you the best Alex 😛

9. 完全感覚Dreamer

Amazing song to kick off their new formation back on 2010.

10. Heartache

So moving too. Taka’s voice is soul-piercing. Both album and acoustic version are beautiful. 😀 ONE OK ROCK forever!


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