“Mighty Long Fall” ONE OK ROCK Featured On Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Arc Trailer And New Album Info

ONE OK ROCK is currently making their new album while recently having performed at Vans Warped Tour in Los Angeles.

While no much info has been made available about their current schedule on the album, we can at least have a short update about it thanks to Rurouni Kenshin’s latest trailer which features their latest song called “Mighty Long Fall” which can be briefly heard at the background of the video.

As it might not be enough for some desperate fans (like me.), it is at least hinting about their new album influences and how might they lead their new songs, though they always tend to experiment and fuse different styles on most of their releases.

Another update we can have is they are recording in Alchemy Music Studio in California, where others bands such as Simple Plan have also worked previously. Record producer Arnold Lanni is working together with OOK to bring their musical styles in a fine album which is been long awaited by both Japanese and English audiences.


Here you can have a look to ONE OK ROCK interview with The Alchemy Music Company staff where they talk about their past influences and origins while explaining why they decided to work with Lanni and what the fans may expect from this new album.


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