English Singing Japanese Rock Bands

Here you can find a useful list of several JRock bands that sing in English. The artists listed here are the most relevant and they are all one of a kind. While there might be some other bands left, these are the most relevant when it comes to use English. Make sure to check them out and support them if you like them!


Formerly known as Champagne their style include alternative rock and hard rock.


BBS takes a softcore and punk approach while throwing some retro electro and synthrock here and there.


Metalcore and screamo are the musical influences for this band.


One of the best punk scenes in Japan. Went on hiatus on 2008 ELLEGARDEN is one of the best English singing bands in Japan.

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Another band that do screamo and metalcore also mixing electronicore.


Formed by Takeshi Hosomi, former lead vocalist of ELLEGARDEN, the HIATUS goes by alternative and progressive rock music.

Tomoko Kawase/ Tommy february6/ Tommy heavenly6/ the brilliant green

Solo artist Tomoko Kawase is fairly known for performing some songs fully in fluent English, whether if it’s on her solo projects Tommy february6 and Tommy heavenly6 or her main band the brilliant green.


Thought to be a pop band they mainly feature alternative rock, rap rock and hardcore.


The latest project of Takeshi Hosoomi, vocalist of Ellegarden, and now MONOEYES too.


Mostly known for their song ‘kiri’ which was used as the opening for  the anime ‘Ergo Proxy’, MONORAL have been around since the early 2000s. Their music is hardcore and synthrock-esque mainly.


Hiro the vocalist of the group is ONE OK ROCK’s vocalist Taka’s younger brother. Their genres include alternative rock and post-hardcore with emo influences.

Nothing’s Carved In Stone

Out of Control their best single so far reached number 9 in the Oricon charts, yet their MVs are blocked outside of Japan. Punk rock and alternative rock are the best way to describe this band which was formed by one of  previously mentioned ELLEGARDEN’s former member and guitarist Shinichi Ubakata .


Probably the most popular Japanese rock band outside of Japan the last years. Although vocalist Taka didn’t sing much in English in their old formation, now he mostly sings in English with some Japanese lyrics thrown in the middle of some songs.

Pay money To my Pain

Although vocalist K died on 2012. They released their fourth album last year and they still remain popular with two songs being currently used in anime series like Hajime No Ippo and Nobunagun. Their style include alternative rock and alternative metal.


SEKAI NO OWARI started off as an indie band and had a relatively good alternative rock sound to them. As time as passed by they they started using more English in their songs and had a major influence from J-Pop music in general. Nowadays SEKAI NO OWARI is one of the most successful J-Pop groups and currently tops many albums sales and sell out tickets everywhere.


SiM is considered a punk rock band but they can also embrace metalcore quite well. Killing Me is a good example of where you can listen to punk rock and yet see metalcore influences.


L’Arc-en-Ciel’s vocalist Hyde’s side project VAMPS are quite famous in Japan and overseas. Unlike L’Arc-en-Ciel, VAMPS is more influenced by western music and has made a good use of hard rock and alternative rock.


Very indie rookie band, although they may be talented sometimes their lyrics don’t make any sense at all, still they are quite good.


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  1. Great article! I was googling exactly for this another day, thanks so much! But it seems you left out some great bands, like HEY-SMITH and coldrain (isn’t listed but is tagged, kinda weird.)

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