ELLEGARDEN was a Japanese band formed in December 1998 in Chiba that would later become a huge success to the point where they would share stage with the likes of American bands such as Foo Fighters and Sum 41 and peek commercial success and popularity not only in Japan but overseas too.

Before being The Hiatus’ vocalist and leader, Takeshi Hosomi was formerly known as ELLEGARDEN’s vocalist where he wrote most of the English lyrics to the band’s songs and apart from being the main songwriter he also was the rhythm guitarist of the band. He lived in California before joining ELLEGARDEN which explains why his English pronunciation is perfect. Shinichi Ubakata was the leader of the band and the lead guitarist who also provided backing vocals. Ubakata formed and is currently the guitarist of Nothing’s Carved In Stone rock band. Yuichi Takada was ELLEGARDEN‘s bassist and backing vocals provider before joining the MEANING. Hirotaka Takahashi was the drummer of the band and accredited co-founder along with Ubakata. He also did backing vocals and is now part of Scars Borough.

In 2006, ELLEGARDEN toured in America for the first time performing in seven different cities across the country. In November of the same year they released what would be their last and fifth studio album Eleven Fire Crackers which took Oricon Album Charts top spot at number 1 beating their previous record with their album Riot on the Grill. Their last single “Salamander”  reached number 3 at Oricon Single Charts. Having embarked a total of 13 tours along with the release of 5 albums, 2 EPs, 3 compilation albums and 6 singles ELLEGARDEN announced their hiatus on the 2th of May 2008. Due to the different opinions related on the creation of a new album they went on hiatus indefinitely and focused on their individual careers with every member forming/joining different bands. Two months later on July they released their greatest hits album Ellegarden Best (1999–2008) which was also well received getting No.2 in the Oricon charts. While many fans expect their return ELLEGARDEN still remains popular among the rock scene and has inspired many new rock acts in Japan. In a recent interview vocalist Taka from ONE OK ROCK accredited ELLEGARDEN as one of their inspirations.

Here you have ELLEGARDEN’s last single “Salamander”. Enjoy and pray for their comeback!


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