Best Japanese Boy Bands

J-Pop! When someone hears this term, the first thing that comes to mind to a person who has never heard of J-Pop might be popular anime songs or veteran legendary rock bands like uhmm I dunno.. X Japan? Luckily enough, the name “AKB48” may sound familiar. But there is more than that to listen to within the J-Pop world if you have never listened to it. Here I leave a good list of J-Pop boy bands which you can go through if you want to know more about J-Pop. This list is based in terms of popularity, performance, talent and experience, not on views or looks.

1.嵐 (Arashi)

arashi 2014

Arashi are the best selling J-Pop act right now in Japan and pretty much considered the kings of J-Pop although that doesn’t necessarily mean all J-Pop songs are like theirs. Arashi usually takes on cutesy or over dramatic concept for their music which has shaped them to be who they are now.   Unfortunately their PVs are hard to find since they aren’t available in YouTube. Here is the link to their official promotional video hosted in→—Breathless/6ce94cd85a9d812029478f43012ed9de

2. 三代目 J Soul Brothers (Sandaime J Soul Brothers)


So these guys made their debut back in 2010 and have been around for a while. Usually went for ballads and soft songs but lately have been stepping up their game. In 2014 they took over Japan and are currently one of the biggest J-Pop acts if not the second biggest just behind Arashi. Nope I am not making this up, it’s taken from stats in the last two years, check on Wikipedia or something. While some may look like yakuza members *cough* Naoki *cough* their smooth voices and high notes plus their charisma is totally what makes them one of the best. Also when they drop the beat in their songs, damn.



Excellent dancing and choreographies! All cuties, good vocals and nice visuals. Even though Generations are rookies compared to many others, they have so much talent that it wouldn’t be weird if they would surpass them as the time goes on. Debuted back in 2012 but only got some attention very recently so they remain very underrated for now. Generations still needs to keep the hard work and hopefully with time it will all pay off 🙂

4. Kis-My-Ft2


Kis-My-Ft2 could be number one in this list one day if it wasn’t by the fact that they don’t have the experience and good management the other groups have which is very sad because they are talented too but restrained by the strict and absurd way Jhonny’s agency is handling them lately. Just like arashi Kis-my-ft2 is another boy band that you won’t find in YouTube sooo here>—Ai-no-Beat—Dance-Ver/7d26173c74cbdf8502423ce80cf875e6/2—My-Resistance–Tashikanamono-/8909a1268b0c8a9183dc6f5af824ecf5



EXILE! The most veteran J-Pop group in YouTube. With 19 members EXILE has been releasing singles since 2001 and have won several awards within the J-Pop scene. Most of these guys are in their middle to late 30s yet they still rock (in their own way) nowadays. Pretty much the godfathers of GENERATIONS and Sandaime JSB, Exile has paved the road for the youngsters to take over.



And we are back with the groups who don’t fancy YouTube. This time KAT-TUN. Like EXILE they started their musical career in 2001 and have been hitting the number one spot since then with over 24 singles released so far. Started off as a 6 member group, two of them left and another one is set to make his leave in spring 2016. They do have some jams here and there but their future seems a bit uncertain.—Dead-or-Alive/fd183cdfa5f148867c0bb4f2f4c33628



SMAP formed back in 1988, are J-Pop veterans and one of the best selling artists of Japan. Used to be the old Arashi back on the days but have been vanishing more and more with the years, I mean well, they are now in their forties so yeah. To be honest they are in this list out of an act of politeness from me and because they do have some good songs, most of them old ones tho. Their PVs aren’t available in YouTube either :

 That’s all for today! If you liked any of these boy bands support them and please comment or give a like if you did. 😀

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