ONE OK ROCK – Mighty Long Fall | Review


ONE OK ROCK‘ latest single is coming this 30th, yeah a long wait for some fans and just a few days for others. Yet in case you didn’t know it, you can pre-order the full new single in iTunes, so yeah, go and get it now!


As you can see you can either purchase only “Mighty Long Fall” or pre-order the full album which here in the UK is available for £0,99 and £2,49 respectively. £2.49 is about 4,20$ so I’d rather say it’s not cheap nor expensive, that is depending always in each person’s point of view so I won’t dig in the subject anymore.

Now, I have already purchased the full album and already listened to “Mighty Long Fall” which I have to say it’s fabulous. Once again ONE OK ROCK did it, they have produced an awesome work so far and I must admit I already fell in love with the song the first time I barely listened to it on Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Arc‘s epic trailer. But the song itself exceeded my expectations in many ways.

First thing, you can easily realize how much producers John Feldmann and Arnold Lanni have influenced on the whole work presented here. What I have listened to this last 72 hours is clearly a ONE OK ROCK song, but it felt somehow different. I’m already used to listen to ONE OK ROCK different experimental styles and every new genre they get their hands into becomes heaven to my ears. Their last album “Jinsei × Boku =” already hinted some songs that were quite influenced by a strong rocking upbeat sound. Songs like “Ending Story??” and “Juvenile” are the perfect examples to pick and compare with “Mighty Long Fall” where everything seems to take the two previously mentioned songs genres, mix them up and turn it up even more without pushing it too far.

Then we have “Decision” and “Pieces Of Me”, which are good but completely different from the front single, way way different. They have a slower pace and are softer and more calmed than “Mighty Loong Fall”. “Decision” is a good counterpart though. It gives the whole single a good contrast. Yet I could say they both were influenced by the current western “rock” bands like 5SOS, I’d say in a bad way if they carry on and stick with this type of music. If not then it’s more than fine, especially when we point out the fact that ONE OK ROCK is always experimenting with their music.

This whole change kind of reminds me of the current 30 Seconds To Mars who also had developed a simmilar change in their music. Watch 30STM’s “The Bury” and “Up In The Air” after to understand what I mean.

Therefore I’d say that ONE OK ROCK is sticking a little bit to this type of rock shown with these three songs released in “Mighty Long Fall”. They are all quite similar and different from the others and as always awesome too. I just hope this doesn’t turn to be all they can give to the fans so far. I like the experimental ONE OK ROCK and somehow hope one day they get back to that type of rock shown in my still all time favorite song “The Beginning”. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I didn’t liked the song. I loved it, in fact I think this is now my second favorite ONE OK ROCK song, but for now there is nothing as good as “The Beginning”, in my opinion that is.

How about you? Did you like? Is it your new favorite? Please purchase the full album and support ONE OK ROCK if you did.


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