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Kis-My-Ft2ロゴ (黒透過large)


Kis-My-Ft2 a.k.a Kisumai is a popular Japanese boy band who made their debut back on 2011 under Johnny & Associates. Currently Kis-My-Ft2 has gathered a total of just 10 singles and 3 albums plus a compilation album just released a few months ago titled HIT! HIT! HIT!. Up to now Kisumai’s discography has seen only succes and number ones. Yeah I’m not even exaggerating a bit, it’s true. Since 2011 they have always made it to the top in Oricon and Billboard Japan charts. Kisumai’s are quite popular and have been featured in several dramas, commercials and Japanese movies. They have toured around Japan over 8 times, 4 of them under Johnny’s and have achieved and hit massive popularity in Asia over the recent years. I consider this quite normal since this boy band is gorgeously awesome!!


I swear, if they had wings they would be angels 

The group is called Kis-My-Ft2 after the first letter of each of the members family names and the members are the following:


What is so good about Kis-My-Ft2 is probably the fact that they young and handsome. J-Pop veterans like SMAP or Arashi have been doing this since the 90s and yet Kisumai which hasn’t even reched the 10 years time limit to be called veterans are already veterans. They are good dancers, handsome, cute and their PVs are a ride of emotions which tops it off in the never ending list of good attributes they have. While there aren’t PVs of Kisumai on YouTube you can always watch them on which has a good video library with plenty of Kis-My-Ft2 PVs available. In the matter of songs my personal recommendations are; “Ai no Beat”, “Wanna Beeee!!!”, “Shake It Up”, “Luv Sick” and “My Resistance (Tashika na Mono)”. I would actually list down all of their songs but for now I think those few are enough. Kisumai’s songs are usually catchy and have an upbeat vibe mixed with some soft blues which is perfect, not to mention their PVs which are always full of dancing and colorful appealing choreographies. Also they are all cute *.* Too cute to be honest and they look awesome with their clothes, like they are always ready to party! So stylish!


Nyaa~ Party! Party! Party!


So coool T-T

Their songs are not available on iTunes but you can always buy the physical singles online on or Yeah I know, it can be a pain in the ass but if you like them why not? After all you’re supporting them anyways. 🙄

Here I leave a handy URL list that you might want to check out later!

Click here to buy Kis-My-Ft2 singles→

Click here to watch Kis-My-Ft2 Ai no Beat PV→—ai-no-beat-%2528Dance-version%2529/35097831fb1bb3582f2304cc6519a6e2

Click here to visit Kis-My-Ft2 website→

That’s all for today, sent you many kisses and have a nice day! 😉


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