Top 10 Most Underrated J-Pop Artists

Underrated J-Pop artists/groups? All and each of them obviously. No but now seriously, while there are lots of J-Pop artists that enjoy success and fame along their careers there are also artists that don’t get much of this even though they probably deserve just as much as the others. Here I will mention a bunch of J-Pop artists and groups that should be noticed more and have a bigger audience.


This electropop trio is so amazing in every way, they are so in sync in each video they make and not just that but they are even better live and their songs are really catchy as well. They’ve been performing since 2000 and after 15 years they haven’t got any worse if anything better. They should definitely be more popular.


Da-iCE made their debut back in 2013, and their popularity has been in decrease when it should be the opposite. They are really good at dancing and have been training for years, yet they are not as popular as they should be.


Like Da-iCE Faky made their debut back in 2013 too and just like their fellow group they aren’t just as popular as they should be.


Giselle4 are the perfect mix between R&B and EDM and they’re really talented and really good dancers. Unfortunately the promoters of this group are probably apes instead of humans because they really are failing to do their job properly. Giselle4 gets an average of 20,000 miserable views. I really hope they get better in the future and get some fame finally.

Jin Akanishi

Former member of famous J-Pop boyband KAT-TUN, Jin started his solo career after leaving in 2009 and he promoted overseas in the U.S and collaborated with several american artists and producers. Jin’s music is extremely underrated even though he is still really popular in Japan, what he produces is topnotch dance music and he is really fluent in English too, it really is a shame that he is not so known by many.

Lila Adona

This one really is a hidden gem after all. She’s only released two singles so far but she really is talented. There isn’t much information available on this artist rather than she’s a half-Japanese singer fluent in English living in Tokyo. I don’t know what the future might hold for her but I really hope is just success because she really is talented.


SOLIDEMO is an eight member boyband that debuted in 2014 and are really really amateurs but still good. Their vocals are amazing, one of the best I’ve seen and their choreographs are just as good. Their PVs might be a bit simple and at a beginners’ level without much VFX or fancy stuff, but they are still good. The full PV of Rafflesia is pretty good too, unfortunately Avex only published the short version. Still they are worth your time too.


Generations from EXILE TRIBE are so damn talented, they have good vocals, their MVs are sick and they are good dancers too. They get millions of views for their MVs yeah but they definitely deserve way more views, like seriously they only got 7 million views for ANIMAL, they should have around 10 million just for that one.


Even though they have sold over 20 million records in their career EXILE aren’t that big of a thing on YouTube, I mean JSB, GENERATIONS and EXILE TRIBE have overall more views than them and they are equally good anyways. EXILE has some really good songs that need to get more attention as the group as well.


FEMM is an electronic pop duo from Avex who made their debut in 2014. They are really talented too but in a different way. They give a different vibe that makes them unique compared to any other J-Pop artists, they sing in English and are usually portrayed as very carefree and harsh by their lyrics. Their song ‘Fxxk Boyz Get Money’ is good example of what I’m talking about. Their choreographies are well elaborated and their music videos are very cool as well.


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