Everything You Need To Know About: Sandaime J Soul Brothers

Today we are going to do a special feature in a very popular J-Pop group that’s been on the rise for the last 3 years, Sandaime J Soul Brothers.

Because we have seen a rise in interest towards this group we decided to clear a few things up and give you the most information available so you can get on with your fangirling/boying schedule that probably will keep you busy for a while. While providing and answering the most FAQ, we will also clarify other things up related to Sandaime J Soul Brothers and its managing agency LDH per se.

First of all we should briefly introduce the group members which are as follows:

Imaichi Ryuji:  Vocalist, the dude with the mustache and R&B vibes who trained for 5 years straight to be where he is now.

Tosaka Hiroomi: Vocalist, Mr.Smooth the dude with the high notes and blonde-ish hair.

ELLY: Performer, the blasian, the dude with the dark tanned skin, he is actually half Afro-american half Japanese and can speak English to a decent level. He also raps as a solo act under the name of CRAZYBOY. He doesn’t usually rap in the group’s songs but he did rap for the track ‘Feel So Alive’. He also makes the choreos of the group.

NAOTO: Performer, he is also a member of Exile and can apparently sing/rap as well. He sung in a movie and belongs to a rap unit called Honest Boyz. He also designs the groups’ outfits, yeah the fashionista of the group and also leader

Kobayashi Naoki: Performer, the tallest dude with mustache too, he also is a member of Exile and a model.

Yamashita Kenjiro: Performer, the jokester of the group, he is also a MC host of a radio.

Iwata Takanori: Performer, the cutiepie kawaii senpai with blonde hair, the youngest of the group and also a member of Exile.

“The group and member names are too long, any acronyms I can use?”

Sandaime J Soul Brothers = 3JSB

Imaichi Ryuji = Ryuji

Tosaka Hiroomi = Omi-kun

ELLY = ELLY (Easy)

NAOTO = NAOTO (Straightforward)

Kobayashi Naoki = Naoki (Jeez…)

Yamashita Kenkiro = Ken-chan

Iwata Takanori = Gun-chan

“What’s a performer? Why doesn’t everyone sing?”

A performer is basically a professional dancer that is specialized in a specific dancing style but is able to use different dancing styles if required because of his wide knowledge. Performers focus on dancing and do not sing, however this doesn’t necessarily mean they cannot actually sing! Some performers can also sing and rap, this being the case of ELLY and Naoto who recently started rapping too in different solo or groups. Other performers that can sing include, Shokichi and Nesmith from The Second who now sing but in the past just limited to dance and did not say a word.

This is a style exclusively known from LDH, the agency that manages 3JSB (and per se E-girls, GENERATIONS, Exile and all LDH groups). By doing this, professional dancers are given the chance to be part of a group even if they can’t sing or are not confident enough about their vocal skills just yet.

Please notice that performers and backup dancers are not the same at all, while in stage they both dance, a performer has a wider range of skills that include acting, modeling, voice acting and hosting events whereas a backup dancer only dances, making a performer a more profitable person to an agency and giving him a higher expertise status.

In other words if you don’t want to be just a backup dancer but want to be given more credit because of your other talents and deep dancing knowledge you can be a performer and with time if you want to take it to the next level you can start singing as well when you’re confident enough and ready to do so.

“Their dancing is odd/weird?”

LDH groups focus a lot on krumping which is a style characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic movement. This dancing style origins from the United States where the group’s name was given to them back in 1991 by the American artist, Bobby Brown.

The group also includes some breakdancing, popping and chicago footwork in their dancing routines which is usually choreographed by ELLY whose dancing style is very diverse. Next is Naoto who also boosts some hip-hop dancing here and there.

“Who is the Yakuza-looking old man? What’s with the age gap?”

Naoki is very noticeable for his intimidating appearence and height, this can throw some off however he is actually very calm and he is not a Yakuza member! In fact the oldest member in 3JSB is Naoto! He is 32 as of this article’s date!

While there really isn’t a proper explanation about why some members are such young senpais and other are grown ass senseis, Atsushi from Exile did made a explanatory joke about the whole thing in an interview. Basically mixing different aged members help to create a family atmosphere within the group that allows them to bond deeper as if they were actually brothers and family. Wheter Atsushi was simply just saying this for the laughs or he actually meant it remains unclear but it would be a really good explanation so far.

 “What is EXILE TRIBE? What is the difference with Exile?”

Basically EXILE TRIBE is a supergroup composed by 3JSB, Exile, The Second, Generations and The Rampage.

Exile is the oldest group and original J Soul Brothers group. First known as J Soul Brothers, leader Hiro changed the name to Exile and later on made a second generation of J Soul Brothers known as Nidaime J Soul Brothers (2JSB) who later on moved on to become a new group called ‘The Second’ in reference to their generation. Each generation is a completely different group with new members under the same group name but divided by generations. The current members of J Soul Brothers are the third generation of the group, they are Sandaime J Soul Brothers (3JSB). Sandaime means third in Japanese by the way, that’s why the 3 in the acronym.

“Why is there always so many foreign girls in their MVs?”

If you pay close attention to the MVs you will see that not all girls are foreigners but there is also Japanese girls. As to why they cast foreign girls, they want to appeal to their foreign audiences obviously.

“Why do their MVs always fade”

This is a marketing strategy unique to Japan, they basically want you to purchase an actual physical copy of the single which usually includes a DVD with the full MV and extra content. You can also purchase the full MV in Recochoku or iTunes (Online music stores) which in a way is more profitable and avoids piracy. Some MVs released in YouTube are full versions though, like So Right, S.A.K.U.R.A and Feel So Alive.

“Why is R.Y.U.S.E.I so popular?”

There is a lot of elements that make this song a total banger the most relevant being when the beat drops. The beat and main chorus is sick and the instrumental of the song is just amazing, plus the dance break at the end is quite neat too. The MV alone was highly produced with a generous budget, I mean, they have freaking helicopters just chilling in the air during the running man dance outside. In addition the lyrics of the song are actually quite meaningful and full of good vibes

“Are they the biggest J-Pop group?”

One of the biggest but there is also AKB48, Arashi and SEKAI NO OWARI but right now the most popular ones are 3JSB.

“Where can I buy their albums?”

Depending on where you live you might be able to purchase their albums in iTunes. So far the iTunes stores confirmed to have LDH acts are the ones in Hong Kong, Taiwan and United Kingdom. I cannot confirm the rest but you can just try typing J Soul Brothers in your store and see what comes up.

If you want to buy an actual physical copy of any of their albums you can do so at cdjapan.co.jp or yesasia.com which are world known international retailers of Asian music including J-Pop, K-Pop, C-Pop etc.

“Where can I stan them? Any international website for fans?”

The place to go for 3JSB and LDH stans is Tumblr definetely. You can find lots of fans of 3JSB and lot of content in tumblr with ease. There is also OneHallyu and Livejournal where you can find threads or communities that stan 3JSB 24/7. For a website with the latest information about 3JSB you can just visit LDH’s English website http://www.ldh.co.jp/eng or other J-Pop tabloids like JpopAsia.com, AramaJapan or TokyoHive (this one is kinda dead).

“That was a lot of info to take in…”

Yes, this article was indeed long but we were trying to cover up as much relevant info as we could in one place so you can easily catch up with the group. Bookmark this if you want to take it easy. For a more technical view of 3JSB just go on Wikipedia and type Sandaime J Soul Brothers. Hopefully we helped you clear any doubts you had about this awesome group. This is it for now if there is any other questions you have you can leave a comment down below and we will get back to you asap. Thanks for reading and welcome to the EX-Family! (That’s EXILE TRIBE’s fandom name by the way)

See ya!



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