RADIO FISH: Blatant rip-offs, comedian struggles and viral dumbness.

So for the first half of the year in Japan there has been a viral cancer group going around that is pretty much the equivalent of PSY in J-Pop.. literally.

Today I bring to you my dear cult, what is literally the most stupid thing to come out of Japan in years and probably the most unshameful ‘artists’ you’ll see online. RADIO FISH.


Yeah, you probably never heard of these guys before which is actually not that surprising since literally no one really knew about them before the end of 2015. A dance group led by a comedian duo and a bunch of back up dancers from the Chinese version of High School Musical (Yeah that is actually a thing).

Struggling Comedians

The comedians here are Atsuhiko Nakata and Shingo Fujimori who are originally known as Oriental Radio, a comedian duo that became quite known in Japan around 2005/06 for their comedian acts and monologues in M-1 Grand Prix (Comedy show).


*Oriental Radio popularity since their golden days in 2005/06*

After that period of time the duo started losing popularity so bad that even LADYBABY’s short-lived career looks like a complete success compared to theirs.

Then at the end of 2015 they formed a unit with a group of dancers led by a guy called FISHBOY (That’s where they get their name from, FISH BOY + ORIENTAL RADIO = RADIO FISH, genius). The newly formed group RADIO FISH then released a digital single called ‘PERFECT HUMAN’. Now here’s where things get out of control like really really bad.

Unshameful Ripoffs

First of all PERFECT HUMAN is meant to be a parody of K-Pop music, J-Pop music and Pop music in general. The comedians admitted in an interview that PERFECT HUMAN as a song ‘borrows’ several elements from different hit songs around the world, those elements being the following:

The most noticeable one being its resemblance to PSY’s Gangnam Style.

The hook line of the song is also another thing borrowed from LMFAO’s song ‘Shots’ (Play at 1:17 to see the main hook line then compare it to PERFECT HUMAN)

And last but not least the main dance is a close copy of popular J-Pop group Sandaime J Soul Brothers and their song R.Y.U.S.E.I (↓Play at 1:49 to see the main dance)

(↓↓↓Play at 1:10 to see its parody↓↓↓)

In other words, as a parody song ‘PERFECT HUMAN’ is blatanly well done. It completely fulfills its purpose which is to poke fun at pop music around the world nowadays.


With all being said, the public seems to like the song and whatnot. When the group released PERFECT HUMAN back in December 2015 it became kind of a hot topic because of how catchy it was its background story and the lyrics themselves which are quite dumb. RADIO FISH wasn’t expecting the song to become really popular so they were caught off guard when it happened, so they released a live version (see below) in February and that’s when the song went completely viral.

The dance, lyrics and the song itself was catchy enough to become so viral it charted number one in the Japanese iTunes store and number three on Billboard Japan.

Because of the success of the song the group later on filmed an actual music video that was later released in April and has gotten since then over 20 million views. Keep in mind the song was released back in December without MV, live performance or anything, it was all just for the jokes.

Now there is an official MV. Here’s when you can start to see how far this is going.

PERFECT HUMAN was received with a general positive reception, it was all a big joke and viral meme. However there was also a bit of criticism and hate towards the song itself from a minority of the Japanese public, accusing the group of copying PSY and Sandaime J Soul Brothers whose fans put them under fire for a short while. Nonetheless people still like the song.


*Some Japanese netizens speak out against the ripoff*

But currently things are getting heated, because RADIO FISH recently released a new song called ‘GOLDEN TOWER’ and guess what? It’s another ripoff!

This time our favorite untalented comedian duo has decided to copy both PSY’s DADDY and Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ dance once again. By the way DADDY is actually bought by Psy from’s ‘I Got it From My Mama’ so it shouldn’t be much of a big deal but then again, netizens pointed out the similarities and once again the group is starting to get more hate.

Here is a comparison of GOLDEN TOWER and DADDY, I also want you to pay attention to RADIO FISH’s dance move at 0:12.

(↓Play at 2:53 to see Sandaime J Soul Brothers dance choreography and tell me RADIO FISH doesn’t resemble Sandaime.↓)

While at first I took RADIO FISH as a joke, now I can’t help but feel annoyed at such ridiculous trend, and I don’t seem to be the only one, more Japanese people also pointed out the similarities just like before and foreign fans are also starting to bash RADIO FISH and I for one approve of that.

First they were making fun out of artists as joke, now they are just trying to make use of the opportunity to cash in some money before the trend wears off. Since you know, as comedians they are done for, they might as well try to do trot music to stay relevant and not so much because their latter ripoff is not even that successful.

Finally I’d like to say a few words on behalf of J-Pop fans to fellow K-Pop fans that might find about this ripoff:

You have all the right to hate on this group, as an EXO-L, V.I.P, Cassie and ARMY, I actually feel like you need to, but I would also like to point out that not just because of these scrubs you should generalize and think all J-Pop is this shitty and unoriginal, J Soul Brothers themselves for example are an amazing talented group, really good dancers and with good bangers and yet they also got ripped off. This is just a trending thing and will eventually wear off, don’t let it bother you that much, these guys ‘career’ was over before you even started hating on them.

In addition here I will leave other articles that talk about this, both in Japanese and English, feel free to share this post and the images and also check out the articles linked below:

オリラジの「PERFECT HUMAN」がヒットしたワケとは!



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