About 白ナノ

Shironano is managed and edited by four different people!

Kiminee: A neat girl that constantly keeps travelling and moving from her hometown Japan to Europe and U.S. making Kiminee an open minded person that likes to share and exchange cultures of any part in the world.


Takacchi: Takacchi is a self proclaimed proud otaku and weeaboo that likes to talk and review anything related with Japanese pop culture.


Taraen: Taraen is a KPopper girl obsessed with EXO, BTS and many other boybands from South Korea. However Taraen also fancies Japanese boybands and Japanese literature and language. Taraen even loves western music from U.S. and Great Britain.


Anthony: Born and raised in the suburbs of New York, Anthony is a dude obsessed with anime, gaming and music. He is the youngest out of the group being 15 and never shuts up. Anthony being the newest 4th member will take up reviews on gaming and whatever the crew throws at him. He is a trooper and won’t go down without a fight! (Inactive)


SNN is a rant blog simply focused on things that we like and don’t like about Japan. Sometimes you will see a bit of Korean material too.

If you got some time to spare and you like what you’ve seen here you can always have a second look and follow us! Stay fabulous and have a nice day~



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